We focus on metal casting products both in steel and aluminium. The factory have capacity to produce 3,000 piece/days and create various type of products. Consequently, we can produce maximum 50 type of products each day.

The products categories are following:

Pulleys Parts

Number one most manufacturing products since 1959. We are specialty to produce pulley in various size and type. Furthermore, with CNC lathe machine technology we can produce high precision pulleys grade to meet your requirement.

Automotive Parts


We manufacture "Motor Cover Part" in Hybrid vehicle. In various size of electric motor need various size of motor cover support rotor.

Construction & safety Parts


We manufacture pulley and safety metal casting part for lift.

Agricultural Vehicle Parts


We are leader of metal casting part in Agricultural Vehicle in Thailand. Since Thailand main industry on Agricultural, we can produce various type of metal casting part to use on this industries. For example, the sugar cane cutters,...

Oil / Water / Air / Vacuum Pumps Parts


We are manufacturer of pumps spare part in many category such as oil, water, air, vacuum pumps.

Electric Motor Parts (AC/DC)


We also the manufacturing the electric motor parts, inverters cover and electric utensil

Railway Parts


Railroad business use many part of metal casting. For example lifting the road barrier on the crossing.

Impeller Parts

One of our specialties is the manufacturing the aluminum casting to produce impeller part. We can manufacture many size of impeller product custom made as your requirement.

Miscellaneous Parts


We produce the special order made for each customer. Hence, as we produce the bridge joint for the road use metal casting. Moreover, we manufacture hand-wheel for water meter. And manufacture metal casting jig ,ingot mold for use in lathe machinery.