Mold Manufacturing

Mold Manufacturing We devoted to high quality mold design so we use high precision preguntas para conocer a una chica por facebook CNC Milling Mold Machine. As the result, we can produce the high quality of mold for metal sand casting process to meet your requirement.

Bonuses Mold is the key of casting process to create smooth surface and high precision metal casting part.

weblink Firstly, we design metal part on contactos mujeres musulmanas CAD & CAM program.
Because this process goal is to create exact same size as each customer’s requirements and produce the steel mold by milling method.
Next, We clean the finished milling steel mold and inspect for correctness.
And make them use on foundry process production line.

Current Capacity:

  • 2 Bridgeport GX1000 (CNC Milling Machine)
  • 1 Bridgeport GX1600 (CNC Milling Machine)
Mold manufacturing of pulley
mold design machine
Bridgeport CNC milling machine