Foundry & Metal Casting

Foundry & Metal Casting

We are specialist on steel foundry and sand casting especially on metal casting products.
The process use high precision iron die pattern (which are made from CNC machine) press on both sides of sand mold.
Next, we join (squeeze casting) the both sides of sand mold and create mold cavity to allow the molten metal flow into and create the metal?casting products.
After cooling phase, we separate the product and sand by vibration machine.
Finally, cleaning the product by vacuum machine and grinding the metal products following customer’s orders.

Our factory contains following machine:

Melting Furnace

  • 1 Aluminium Furnace
  • 2 Induction Furnaces

Sand Molding Machine

  • Hunter Molding Machine (vacuum molding)
  • Joint Squeeze F-1 (joint and squeeze molding)
High Temperature Metal Foundry
Molten Metal Pouring
Molten Metal Pouring