(Lathe , Gouging , Drilling , Tapping)

Firstly, we concern to deliver best and high quality to you. And we provide the best machinery product?especially pulley since 1959. Then

Quality is our code of conduct

As the result, to meet our code of conduct, we use the CNC Lathe Machine for produce high quality metal casting products.

Generally, The process of machining start from lathe cut the surface to eliminate the roughness of each part.
Next, we broach and gouge the metal casting part follow the customer’s requirement. Finally, cleaning the part and QC the part before deliver to you.

Lathe & Gouging Machine Capacity:

  • 30 lathe and gouging machine
  • 5 Automate lathe machine
  • 1 High precision CNC lathe machine

Drilling & Tapping Machine Capacity:

  • 4 Large Part Drilling and Tapping Machine
  • 5 Medium to Small Part Drilling and Tapping Machine
Slotting of key way
high precision CNC lathe machine
High Precision CNC Lathe Machine
CNC Lathe Machinery
CNC Lathe Machinery
40 years experienced technician
40 years experienced technician